Thursday, 4 June 2015

WDM Proteus assembled

Just a quick pic before he goes into the spray booth.

The Proteus went together really easily. I pinned several joints where I felt the extra support would help, including through the feet, but the resin reacts well with superglue  and seems to form a very strong bond.

That's squad c from the kickstarter at his feet, they are 17mm to the top of their heads.
The Proteus comes in at a whopping 70mm!

Looking forward to getting stuck in...

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Second evening of Dragon Rampant

I cobbled together a motley bunch of undead figures tonight to play Dragon Rampant against Matt. He turned up with his newly painted Greek myth army, and very pretty they were too.

Matt's army had to transport a precious artefact across the table and off my side. All I had to do was stop him. Easy, right?

Well not with my dice it seems. My necromancer's black bolts of death failed, he couldn't summon the banshees when he wanted them and my prize wights went down under a withering hail of sling stones and javelins. The less said about my zombies the better!

A great game, as usual. Dan Mersey has done it again with another great set of rules.

Photos of tonight's game can be seen on Matt's blog;

White Dragon Miniatures MTU kickstarter

White Dragon Miniatures have a kickstarter for their 15mm sci fi ground troops. It reached its target of £2000 within 4 hours and is currently sitting at almost £5000.

I mention this because I have had the pleasure of painting some of the figures. I'm proud to say that they were on display at Salute next to a set painted by none other than David Woods, better known as Dwartist, somebody whose work I very much admire. (Check out his blog at

The digital sculpts are beautifully cast in resin by Prodos Games, with practical no moulds lines and hold a fantastic level of detail. Best of all they look absolutely superb, really great little models!

I've got a Proteus mech and an Armadillo support bot to paint for them now, too, so I'm really looking forward to getting started.

The kickstarter runs until 14 June and can be found here;