Saturday, 25 June 2016

Martin Schwartz

Martin Schwartz was a mercenary from Germany who was brought to fight for the Yorkist cause against Henry VII at the battle of Stoke Field, the last battle of the Wars of the Roses.

This model of him was given away free to attendees of the Partizan show in Newark in 2013. I bought mine from eBay last year sometime.

I wanted to practice my Non-Metallic Metal technique on more than just the odd sword and I'm pretty pleased with how he came out.

I don't know who sculpted or manufactured the figure in afraid, but they do come up on eBay from time to time.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Sanwar

The game I'm enjoying most at the moment is the second edition of Sharp Practice by Too Fat Lardies. It is designed with 19th century black powder skirmish engagements in mind where the "big men" or leaders of the troops are fundamental to the action and even have characters of their own in an rpg-light kind of way.

The game has grabbed my attention to such an extent that a game we had planned to run using Dan Mersey's The Men Who Would Be King rules is now going to be a Sharp Practice game.

We're taking it to Mars though. Matt has a lot of colonial types with a Victorian SciFi theme from Ironclad Miniatures, and I've had a hankering to buy some of their Sanwar for a while now.

So I gave in recently and purchased a few packs. The figures are wonderful! Reminiscent of the Tusken Raiders from the original Star Wars movie, these will make excellent tribal types with primitive musketry and scavenged hand weapons.

Hopefully I'll be able to provide a game write up soon as I'm itching to play. I need to work out some stats first...

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors

I'm off to Operation Market Larden 4 near Evesham on Saturday, a day of gaming with Too Fat Lardies hosted by Wyvern Wargamers.

Sharp Practice 2 in the morning followed by Big Chain of Command in the afternoon and a curry to round the day off. Really looking forward to it.

There's a raffle, to which attendees donate prizes; this is mine. A dozen Dark Age warriors from Gripping Beast.