Friday, 27 May 2016

Tom Meier goblins

I was taking some photos of these guys for a Facebook group and realised I'd never posted them here.

I must have mentioned before that I'm a big fan of Tom Meier's sculpts and these are among my favourites. They're all originals from the early eighties, so many of them bear the scars of previous battles and healing potions (superglue). 

I repainted them about two years ago with a view to proxying them for the Saxons in a game of Dux Britanniarum that still hasn't happened!

The two larger command figures are more recent sculpts, from Tom's Thunderbolt Mountain range, which for many years I was too intimidated to attempt to paint! 

I am slowly making my way through them, but I really need to be in the right mood to paint them. I won't rush them!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Adira, Dark Champion finished

(See my previous post for details regarding the figure.)

Very nice to paint, the detail is very crisp and the resin is slightly pliable, which may have averted a disaster when I dropped her!

Pretty happy with how she came out, especially the green under-lighting on the tentacle.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Adira, Dark Champion

I bumped into Annie last night, in her shop of all places! Whilst proudly showing off the new ogre female miniatures that she's had beautifully painted by Paul Cubbin, she whipped out  her newly received, hot of the press Adira, Dark Champion 28mm miniature.

Beautifully sculpted and cast in a lightweight, slightly flexible resin that captures the detail extremely well (those of you familiar with Prodos castings will know what I mean), Adira comes with a choice of arms and heads. 

Head one is largely bald with a long flowing top knot, head two has a wonderful barbute style helmet with forward pointing horns that put me in mind of an angry bull!

There is a choice of three arms, a left, a right and an odd. Left and right arms are wafting around a couple of nasty looking axes. I think these will attach in a variety of positions to get some real animation into the pose. What really sold me on this figure though. is the third arm (I use that term advisedly; Octopus tentacles are arms, not legs - see, This blog can be educational too!). 

Ok, this isn't an octopus tentacle by any means. It's a writhing mass of fleshy tendril that ends in a slavering maw. Semantics. It's a real clincher. As soon as I spotted the appendage I knew the figure had to be mine, and I'm proud to say this is the first one sold. I think they're not technically available until the Partizan show this Sunday.

Really looking forward to trying out a few poses this weekend (then I'll try some on the model!) and getting it daubed in paint. 

Watch this space...

Adira, Dark Champion will be available from Bad Squiddo Games very soon. Get yours  quickly there is a limited amount available at the moment.