Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dragon Rampant armies

I took some photos of the army I used in the game at the end of my previous post.

The chap with the bloody hands is the leader. He counts as a unit of light missiles with the Summoner ability and counts for just over a quarter of the army points. 

The chaps on his left in armour are the elite foot and further over are the scouts. That's all I started the game with.

The rest of the army are the summonable units. The skeletons are heavy foot and the zombies at the back are ravenous hordes. At a single point, the zombies weren't expected to stay around long.

The next photo shows my first army for Dragon Rampant and shows how easy it can be to convert a Lion Rampant army.

There are two units of elite riders and a unit of heavy missiles. These are analogous to mounted men at arms and crossbows from Lion Rampant. I then took a unit of foot serjeants and replaced them with a single model to create a single model unit of heavy foot. I paid for him to be a wizard and that rounded off the army nicely.

Having played it, I would change one of the units of elite riders to something else so that everything doesn't go charging off when I don't want it to. That's just my preference though.

Maybe  I'll have some demonic imps as a unit of lesser warbeasts and a unit of scouts for some versatility in the woods and marshes of my mediaeval fantasy world The Barons' Marches.


  1. Two very cool looking forces. Both are very beautifully painted, especially the Fireforge guys.

    I'm going to have to buy Dragon Rampant now, thanks.

    1. Thank you. I'm sure you'll enjoy the game. If you've played Lion Rampant you'll know how to play this one.