Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Companionship of the Necklace.

The Companionship of the Necklace are a non-IP infringing band of adventurers travelling across Bottom Earth in a quest to destroy the One Necklace, forged literally years ago by Big Ron in the fires of Mount Combe in the Land of Unfunny Puns.

Herein are set out their stats for Dragon Rampant as told in the Red Book of Westfebruary.

Dandruff the Wizard. (pictured above)
Light Foot with mixed weapons.
Spellcaster and Blessed Weapon (melee only: the sword Glamrock)
11 points, which breaks the rules, but he is Dandruff...
(Not sure why I went for mixed weapons. I don't like the idea of him throwing little missiles around. We have also banned him from casting Bog Thee, Dragon's Breath and Power Bolt. They are far too flashy for Bottom Earth.)

Harry Horn (Shambler the Ranger).
Elite Foot with missiles.
Blessed Weapon (melee only: the sword Annboleyn)
8 points.

Windermere, man of Pondor.
Heavy Foot.
4 points.
(Dull, but he gets Wall of Spears on account of his shield.)

Lass's Legs, Elf.
Light Missiles with Sharpshooter.
6 points.
(Predictable, that.)

Grumpy, Dwarf.
Bellicose Foot with Shiny Armour.
6 points.

Emo Binbag,
Ham Sammich,
Seedy Book, and 
Tipsy Randybuck, Schnorbbits.
Mystical Armour (Emo's sparkly shirt)  and Blessed Weapon (melee only: the sword Gordon.)
6 points.

The Companionship of the Necklace come in at a mighty 41 points.

I'm not sure I would ordinarily use blessed weapons, them only being useful on a 5+, rolled before the game. With three in the party though, the odds are good that The Companionship will benefit from at least one each game. Last week, Glamrock was working. Unfortunately Dandruff didn't enter melee!


  1. A splendid name for a sword/dagger...much better than Sting. I look forward to seeing how you stat up their opposition!

    1. Haha! Nothing personal Gordon.
      As you probably guessed, it was named after a certain musician.
      Blame Matt Slade, my usual opponent for that one, and many of the others.