Saturday, 30 July 2016

Building the arena part 1

So I agreed to build an arena as a terrain feature for a game of Sharp Practice.

That may sound like an odd item for a 19th century black powder game, but it gets odder. This arena has a cricket pitch and a pavilion.

Oh, and it's on Mars.

There is, of course, a tale to tell regarding the game, but that can wait. First I've got to build the arena. If fact I only have to build a quarter of the arena, but that's ambitious enough!

I plotted the floor plan full size on a piece of mdf that for some reason I had previously painted blue. This enabled me to see where Matt's pavilion will fit and hopefully help to keep the dimensions accurate.m and let me see where I can split the construction. I really don't want a single piece of 24"x24" terrain taking up storage space!

The tiers of seating are divided into four areas, low and high on each side of the pavilion. I'll have a high level viewing area above the pavilion too.

The simplest place to start seems to be the lower level seating, so I cut out all of the pieces for that from my template prior to assembling any.

The steps are going to be two thicknesses of polyboard high each, which I hope will give a realistic look at 28mm. Unfortunately this means I have to cut each piece twice. It soon got a touch boring.

Once assembled I attached a piece of cork around the back to help stabilise the steps and to provide the dividing wall between the two levels of seating.

That's all so far. I'll make another of these for the other side before tackling the higher level, and leave the pavilion section and outer wall to last.

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