Friday, 3 March 2017

Prince August Orc

I came across this rather odd looking figure in a box I picked up from a friend a while ago. Not knowing who made it, I asked the experts on the Vintage Miniatures facebook page and got an immediate, if unexpected reply.

It seems the figure is one of the old Prince August "cast your own" Orc. I remember these kits from back in the day. The kit included three different moulds, a block of lead, a clamp and a metal crucible to pour the lead all over your fingers, as it seemed to me back then. I was never brave enough to buy one.

Well, imagine my surprise to discover that the kits are still being sold!
I still don't really to buy one, but more because I can't be bothered than any sense of fear for my hands.

The denizens of facebook pointed out that the figures don't have the best reputation for quality. Whilst I agree with that they're not the best, I thought a lick of paint would bring out its hidden quality.

I think he looks pretty good if I may say so. I had to give him a moustache because what I assume is a jowl or perhaps just a protruding top lip actually protrudes so much that it looked really odd painted in the skin colour, which as we all know, should never be green...

I'll leave you with the painted pictures, and a link to the Prince August "cast your own" website.
Let me know if you try them out, but I accept no responsibility for burnt hands.

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