Friday, 21 April 2017

Chronicles of the Wayfarer

My name was put forward by my Facebook friend and blogger James aka Jimboba to paint some miniatures by a new manufacturer. (Jame is an excellent painter and you should check out his superb blog:

The makers of these figures were (still are, I believe) looking for painter/bloggers to paint some samples to help publicise the release of their "Chronicles of the Wayfarer" 15mm fantasy range. They accepted my offer and soon four exquisitely crafted figures arrived from America.

Follow up emails and posts on their Facebook page ( informed me that this was to be a competition, in fact the first of several competitions. They simply asked that in return for the free figures, we write an honest review of the figures.

 Knight of the Kiln Leader (KKL)

They are justifiably proud to produce some of the most intricately detailed 15mm figures I've seen. The only other 15mm figures with this amount of detail that I've seen are the sci-fi figures by White Dragon Miniatures ( They are 15mm to the eye, and are realistically proportioned, although the armour is probably best described as 'heroically proportioned". They give the distinct impression that they have been digitally sculpted rather than physically.

 Shield Legion Leader (SLL)

The resin figures come with a textured base that appears to be a crevice crying out to be painted to look like lava, and it all  required very little cleanup. The detail is as crisp as you need at this scale and takes the paint very well. I did wash them in soapy water first; not sure if that's really necessary. One of their painters has said that there may be too much detail. I don't agree. Whilst the detail is probably more than you'd need for 15mm figures, a pale base coat and wash would be all you'd need to show it all off beautifully. For those of you who like to get stuck into the detail, you'll have a field day with these beauties!

 Crossbow Leader (CB1)

There is a definite pseudo-Greek look to the figures, and other figures suggest that they have a background all planned out to drop them into. I hesitate to suggest that a game may be forthcoming, but I wouldn't be surprised.

 War Screamer Leader (WSL)

I'm not sure when the range goes live, how extensive it will be or what the manufacturer's website is yet, but You can follow their progress on the Facebook link above. I'd be grateful for a vote in the competition while you're there if you feel so inclined. 😉

They have previewed some new art to accompany the range by the estimable Todd Ulrich, and that alone should have you clicking away to have a look.

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