Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dragon Rampant

Unexpected excitement!

My 'contrubutor's copy' of Dragon Rampant arrived in my inbox this evening causing much delight. 

It came during my weekly game with Matt, which was an added pleasure as we both got a copy. Unfortunately, arriving on game night means that we have to wait a whole week before we play it! I suppose it gives us time to print a copy, study it and get an army together.

Lion Rampant was my favourite game from last year, and running it at Salute was probably the gaming highlight of this year so far. Having cut my teeth on fantasy gaming, you may be able to imagine how excited I am by this game.

Dan has given permission to play the game publicly and blog about it, provided we don't share the pdf, naturally.

Hopefully I can get my camera sorted in time for an illustrated write up.

Watch this space...

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