Saturday, 30 May 2015

Painting with Isabel

Friday was rained off, and it was my turn to do some half-term babysitting whilst my wife went to work. Cue Daddy/daughter painting day!

I chose to complete a couple of Thunderbolt Mountain Orc drummers I had previously started, whilst Isabel (8) chose an old Harlequin miniatures Elf that was probably older than her!

It was only the 4th figure she's painted and I left her to choose her own colours, with just a bit of advice here and there. She decided that he would be a red alien with yellow armour and a blue sword. She even taught me a novel way of blending the paint. When she painted the hilt gold, I caught her blowing on the miniature to "blend it into the blue blade a bit"!
Here he is in all his glory, we're both very pleased with the result.

For my Orcs, I wanted the drummer to be a tough, scarred old Orc with anger management issues, so I painted his wrists with scars as if he's been bound regularly. He has whip scars on his back and for no apparent reason I wanted him to have a scald scar across the left side of his face, chest and thigh. Didn't turn out too bad IISSM!
The poor old chap carrying the drum is as close to green as I'll paint an Orc. I wanted him to be a bit paler and less healthy looking, so the slightest green tinge was called for. 
The drumskin is a wonderfully sculpted dwarf skin with arms, legs and head still present. Lovely!

A lovely day spent painting with my daughter. She wants her own army of the elves, so there will be plenty more to come. 

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