Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Cthulhu Wars

My first project of 2017 is to paint my friend Mark's copy of Cthulhu Wars, and I promised him that I would blog my progress, so here goes.

First, an overview of the task at hand.

The game pieces are divided into four factions: Great Cthulhu (green), Crawling Chaos (blue), Black Goat (red) and Yellow Sign (yellow). Each faction has six cultist models.

In addition to the cultists, the Great Cthulhu faction includes: four Deep Ones, two Shoggoths, two Star Spawn and the great sleepy dreamer himself.

Crawling Chaos has three Nightgaunts, three Flying Polyps, two Hunting Horrors and Nyarlathotep.

The Black Goat of the Woods faction is represented by: two Ghouls, four Fungi from Yuggoth, three Dark Young and Shub-Niggurath

Madness will be dished out by the yellow faction in the form of: six Undead, four Byakhee, The King in Yellow and Hastur.

That's a total of 64 figures, some of them absolutely huge, and 8 faction markers.

I've been asked to paint them as game pieces rather than wargaming miniatures so that they are easily identifiable as part of their faction by colour.

Should keep me going for a while; I'm looking forward to this...


  1. I was actually going to back this on the KS, for the minis alone! I thought they were THAT good! I kinda regret not jumping on board now, but I've too many other projects to occupy my time with anyway, so they probably wouldn't have gotten done :)

    I look forward to seeing how they look after you've finished attacking them with the brush :)

    1. Yeah, it was a bit too pricey for me too. Which is why I jumped at the chance to paint Mark's set!