Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Ghoul queen

Painting for the Cthulhu Wars game is coming along nicely, but there's nothing finished to show yet. I've decided to start with the cultists to get the mental obstacle of painting 24 nearly identical figures out of the way before launching into the weirdness of the bigger models.

I did bump into Annie at Vapnartak last weekend though. Hardly surprising as she had a vendor stall there! She very kindly gave me a couple of her new sculpt, the Ghoul Queen to paint, one of which will be winging its way back to Cardiff so that she can take some decent photos of it!

So here is the as yet unnamed Ghoul Queen. A lovely clean resin cast of a great sculpt. The left arm comes unattached and there is a small amount of leeway in how you attach it.

She should be available by the time anybody reads this, from

Now back to the Cthulhu stuff...

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