Thursday, 1 June 2017

Ghosts of Gaia 2

Annie of Bad Squiddo Games is currently running another Kickstarter. Ghosts of Gaia 2 brings us reinforcements for the original range of post-apocalyptic female miniatures.


Once again, the main figures are sculpted by Shane Hoyle of Necromunda fame. I think that this time around, the miniatures look more like a cohesive group rather than the rather more eclectic mix of the original set.

There are 13 models this time, with more promised as stretch goals. There's even an ogre in there somewhere! Last time I looked it had funded, so these will definitely be coming, the question is how many will get made?


As I said in my earlier post, I intend to use my Ghosts as a crew for Scrappers, but aRogue Stars is also an option, and Necromunda has also been uttered on a recent gaming night, so that may be making a reappearance!


Last time we also had guinea pigs and a capybara with guns. I got a full set because... well, just because!

This time it's rabbits. 

There may even be a game pitting said guinea pigs against said rabbits! 

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