Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Thrud the Barbarian

I bought a set of Andrea paints at Salute this year to see what they're like. It was the flesh colours set, so I had a look for a suitable figure to try them out on.

There can be few (tasteful) figures with more flesh than Thrud. I've had him partially painted since I bought him new. That's a while ago now...


The six paints appear to be grouped into two groups of three, with a dark, mid and light tone for each. I used five of the six in this chap, with a fair bit of mixing.


The paints have a nice creamy consistency compared to the thicker Scale 75 paints that I usually use and they're not as light-suckingly matt as Scale 75. They thin well with plain water and the coverage is good over black. I haven't used Vallejo much so I can't really compare those.

They're nice enough, and I'll probably buy more, but I prefer Scale 75.



  1. He looks great! I've had this minis for years, painted up and stripped twice now coz I can't paint skin :(

    He's an awesome mini, you've done him justice too. Well done :)

    1. Thank you. I don't know how many times I've tried and abandoned him. It's not necessarily the skin tones that are the problem, just that there are such large areas of it! In fact I'm already seeing things on him that mean he'll probably be re-visited in the future!

  2. Looks awesome Ralph - great job!
    I must get around to getting a Thrud fig. Have always wanted one since I were a lad reading his comic strips in WD...